Jorge Aguilar

Gantry Crane Rotation

The warehouse gantry crane was orginally designed for loading trucks at the north end of the warehouse building. However, since the loading bays were moved to the are south end of the warehouse building, there was a requirement for the crane cabin to be rotated together with the entire crane.

Crane Rotation

Project Work Scope

  • electrically disconnect all catineary cables to the crane cabin for removal
  • relocate the crane’s supply feed collectors and reposition them to new location after rotation
  • relocate or change all affected crane control limit switches and joystick travel positions accordingly
  • co-ordinate electrical work crews to work amongst other work crews such as roof plumbers, mechanical trade teams and mobile crane riggers.
  • Limited Christmas shutdown period of 7 days to commence and complete work
  • Weather dependant – delay threat of both rain and wind. Open roof (rain threat) and mobile cranes (wind threat)
  • electrically connect all cables and commission crane at completion




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